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Puppywarmer started with intent to build just one incubator. One incubator for our breeder who loves dogs perhaps as much as anyone I have ever met. A breeder who goes to great lengths to save the puppies at risk, knowing she saved just one out of 10 puppies. I felt there was something I could do to help the breeder save more puppies. I work in the area of industrial heat. I have experience improving process thermal performance. One of the primary reasons puppies "fade" in the first two weeks of life has to do with the ability to thermoregulate. Essentially, I told the breeder "I need to build you an incubator, because if I don't, I will think of all the ways we could have solved this." So we worked together, at first modifying an existing incubator and had very good results. Along the way there was feedback about the need to heat the whelping area, about how hard the existing units are to control. Each time there was refinement.

In the course of one year, specifically with underweight puppies at risk, where the past 30 years the save rate was 10%, we saved 17 of 18 puppies.

Since that time, we have added an oxygen concentrator that helps save gasping puppies.

Leading reproductive veterinarians are now using Puppywarmer incubators and oxygen concentrators as part of their C-section protocol.  They are finding that warming and drying the puppies in an oxygen rich environment leads to a stronger first feeding.  This allows better processing of colostrum and a stronger immunity system.

What we have learned is if you have the conditions right to save small for gestational age puppies, preemies and gasping puppies--you also have the conditions that help all puppies be stronger sooner.

Our products can help you save more puppies.  Our products help all puppies get stronger sooner. We look forward to speaking with you.