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puppywarmer started with intent to build just one incubator. One incubator for our breeder who loves dogs perhaps as much as anyone I have ever met. A breeder who goes to great lengths to save the puppies at risk, knowing she saved just one out of 10 puppies. I felt there was something I could do to help the breeder save more puppies. I work in the area of industrial heat. I have experience improving process thermal performance. One of the primary reasons puppies "fade" in the first two weeks of life has to do with the ability to thermoregulate. Essentially, I told the breeder "I need to build you an incubator, because if I don't, I will think of all the ways we could have solved this." So we worked together, at first modifying an existing incubator and had very good results. Along the way there was feedback about the need to heat the whelping area, about how hard the existing units are to control. Each time there was refinement.

In the course of one year, specifically with underweight puppies at risk, where the past 30 years the save rate was 10%, we saved 10 of 11 puppies. Nine more puppies were place with families. Healthy, vibrant, smart puppies.

The breeder kept telling me that I should market the incubator, She said there are many breeders like her that would do all they can to save puppies at risk. I resisted. My goal was truly just to build one.

Then there was a tiny puppy, born at just two ounces-one third of the normal birthweight of her breed. I was told "She is tiny and extremely fragile, don't get your hopes up." For the first few days, I asked for photos. It was compelling to see. By the third day of life in the incubator this little puppy doubled its weight to six ounces. On the fourth day, she was strong enough to feed directly from mom and join her litter mates in a ceramic infrared heated whelping box. Later that day a repeat customer of the breeder who heard of this tiny puppy were allowed to see her. On her fourth day of life she had a family that adored her and were ready to wait eight and a half weeks to bring her home. On the 12th day of life, Scarlette opened her eyes. This is a big day for a puppy once at risk, because they are strong enough to thermoregulate on their own. I was 300 miles away from the breeder, but a simple email with the attachment of Scarlette with her eyes open made my day.

With the intent of building just one incubator, I left little to chance. We worked our way up to the right wattage, because over heating a puppy is just as dangerous to it's health as not warming it enough. I used a sensitive thermocouple, and a known and trusted controller, and one that with which I had personal experience. I used a ceramic infrared heater from the inventor of the technology, and a heater style that is used in human incubators.

It worked better than I imagined. The heater is the same. The controller is the same. The enclosure is the same. The thermocouple is the same. 

I also wanted to make the incubator affordable to the breeder. I have a "day job." In a way, saving puppies has become a hobby. I build the units myself. At least for the time being, there is not much by the way of overhead. This is why when you buy a puppy warmer incubator, you will have a better heater, more accurate sensing and more precise control--for about the same price of an incubator that uses a tungsten heat lamp and a sliding dimmer control.

puppywarmer has refined our incubators, added an oxygen concentrator designed with flow rates specific to puppies, and a whelping warming system that provides the healthy average birthweight puppies with the precise warmth they need so the puppies that need the incubator the most get all of the benefits it can provide.  Breeders have surprised veterinarians--saving puppies that were not expected to make it through the night.  Veterinarians have incorporated our products into their C-section procedures and have noticed that the puppies are healthier, more vibrant and have a stronger sucking reflex.  We are committed to help you simply save puppies.

If you have read this far on the puppywarmer About Us page, there is a good chance you are serious about finding a better way to save puppies. If you add a Puppy warmer Incubator and Whelping Warmer to your breeding program, you will save puppies. When you do, please send me an email with a photo--because saving puppies makes me happy.