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The Pro Series Oxygen Concentrator was built with the veterinarian in mind. Although our original Oxygen Concentrator has proven highly successful at helping veterinarians save small animals. We felt we could improve upon success. With this goal in mind we added the following improvements:

  • 90% Oxygen Concentration up to two liters per minute, three liter per minute maximum flow rate.
  • Ability to adjust flow rate at .1L per minute from one liter per minute up to three liters per minute
  • Real time oxygen concentration and flow rate display
  • Ability to switch between the Oxygen flow and an nebulizer (ambient air) flow

With Veterinarians, the Pro Series Oxygen concentrator's versatility extends well beyond use with Puppywarmer incubators. Seeing how they are used helped us improve the versatility and provide the needed real time information in a easy to view display.