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The standard Oxygen Concentrator is closely related to our Pro Series Oxygen Concentrator. We strive to deliver the best we possibly can to our customers. As we tested the Pro Series Oxygen Concentrator, we were compelled to make the same features within reach of dog breeders and rescue groups. Essentially, the main differences between the Standard Oxygen Concentrator and the Pro Series Oxygen Concentrator is that the flow rate that the unit can deliver 90% Oxygen and the color of the unit. Otherwise, they share many common components.

  • 90% Oxygen Concentration up to one liter per minute, three liter per minute maximum flow rate.
  • Ability to adjust flow rate at .1L per minute from one liter per minute up to three liters per minute
  • Real time oxygen concentration and flow rate display
  • Ability to switch between the Oxygen flow and an nebulizer (ambient air) flow

Powerful, yet easy to use. Designed to have only flow rates that are safe for puppies. The oxygen concentrator uses a molecular sieve that filters out Nitrogen from the ambient air and delivers up to 90% oxygen to the incubator, depending on the flow rate you select. You never have to worry about an oxygen tank running out.