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large puppy warmer 18"x18"
large puppy warmer 18"x18"

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Our largest puppywarmer at 18”x18”x18” has 5,832 cubic inches of space to accommodate most large breeds. With a specially designed insulated 175 watt ceramic infrared heater, large puppies are heated more deeply without the emission of any visible light. Puppies that sleep better improve vitality more quickly.

In addition to the absence of visible light, the controller and thermocouple sensing set puppywarmer apart from other incubators. Most animal incubators have an unsophisticated control method similar to a dimmer switch. Fluctuations in room temperature and electrical current can greatly affect the ambient temperature inside of the incubator. Puppywarmer senses the temperature inside of the incubator and adjusts the electricity delivered to the heater to maintain a constant temperature of 88°F. Puppies can maintain 12°F above their ambient temperature. Plug in your puppywarmer and you will see it is pre programmed to maintain the ideal ambient temperature for your puppy.

We have discovered that all puppies benefit by initially being placed in the incubator to dry off. This is a critical time in the early life of a puppy. The evaporation that takes place in the first hours of life lower the puppy’s body temperature. Proper body temperature is essential to the puppy’s ability to process initial feedings of colostrum.

Dual doors to the 12” wide puppywarmer allows for greater ease for placing puppies in the incubator as well as removal of puppies to attend to them. The floor of the puppywarmer is topped with a medical grade closed cell foam that is highly water resistant and easy to clean

At risk puppies greatly benefit from puppywarmer incubators. Low birthweight puppies benefit most from the warming function. The smallest puppies have the highest skin (area for heat loss) to body mass (ability to maintain temperature) ratio. Often these puppies spend just four our five days in the incubator. First born (often highest birthweight) and singletons who experienced a protracted or difficult birth benefit most from the delivery of oxygen in the first hours of life. Oxygen, combined with effective warming and a first feeding often helps these puppies achieve sufficient vitality to join their litter mates.

While normal birthweight puppies only need to spend a couple hours in the puppywarmer, newborn puppies need a warmed environment to thrive until they are strong enough to open their eyes. Add highly effective ceramic infrared heat to your whelping box. To give your puppies the absolute best start in life, add the puppywarmer incubator and the puppywarmer whelping warmer to your protocol.